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Creating Immersive Experiences: 10 Essential UX Principles for Mixed Reality

Dive into the exciting world of mixed reality and its unique UX

By Sina Ranjbar

Ethical Dilemmas in AI-Powered UX Design

Ever been amazed at how well a website or app seems to

By Sina Ranjbar

The Role of Emotional Design in UX Content Strategy

Learn how the right words and messages can turn functionality into a

By William MacKenzie

Design Thinking: The Key to Innovating in a Digital World

This article explores the vital role of design thinking in creating cutting-edge

By Anastasiia Kozlova

Bridge from UX to UI: Wireframes

Wireframing: The often-underrated tool that effectively bridges the gap between UX research

By Steven Wang

Avoiding Metric Manipulation: Applying Campbell’s Law in UX Design

Explore the impact of Campbell's Law on UX design in this engaging

By Sina Ranjbar

Apple Vision Pro and The Future of Gesture Control

In an ever-evolving digital world, the boundaries of user experience are continuously

By UX Parrot Editorial Team

Building Bridges Of Understanding: The Imperative Role Of Communication Skills In UX Research

Effective communication is the key to success in UX research, fostering better

By Elena Svergunenko

Apple Vision — New opportunity and change for Product Designers

As Apple's new wearable spatial product, Apple Vision Pro, makes waves across

By Steven Wang