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Sina Ranjbar

Sina Ranjbar, a dedicated Senior UX Designer, based in Milan, Italy. With a diverse professional journey, Sina has accumulated valuable experience at renowned companies like Oracle, Avast and Whirlpool. His passion for empathetic and inclusive design guides his work, and his commitment to reducing user pain points is reflected in all his projects. Known for his sharp attention to detail, stylish and effective designs, Sina brings a unique blend of aesthetic sensitivity and user-focused pragmatism to our team. Outside his professional sphere, he holds a strong interest in technological innovation and loves to indulge in trying new gadgets, watching science documentaries, and sci-fi movies. His humor and personable nature add a vibrant touch to our team dynamics. ❗️ Important Notice: The articles, insights, and opinions I express here on UX Parrot are solely my own, arising from my personal journey in the UX industry. They do not represent or affiliate with the views or stances any organization I've been associated with in my professional capacity, past or present.
Senior UX Designer
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