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Bridge from UX to UI: Wireframes

Wireframing: The often-underrated tool that effectively bridges the gap between UX research

By Steven Wang

Top 10 resources for UX/UI inspiration

Today, I'd like to dive deep into the boundless ocean of design

By Anastasiia Kozlova

Make speedy, basic wireframes with Balsamiq

There are tons of different wireframing apps out there, so finding the

By Anastasiia Kozlova

Refactoring UI by Adam Wathan and Steve Schoger

The strong advantage of the book is that it was written in

By Sina Ranjbar

Understanding cognitive bias in UX design

Cognitive biases are systematic errors in decision-making that can significantly affect user

By Sina Ranjbar

Figma, an essential tool for every UI/UX designer

Discover Figma, an innovative tool essential for every UI/UX designer, that enables

By Anastasiia Kozlova