Jim Koohyar Biniyaz

Jim is an accomplished entrepreneur, cyber security expert, and software engineer with 8+ years of industry experience. Born and raised in Iran, Jim now calls Torino, Italy home. Known for his innovative approach to cyber security, he has founded multiple companies including Next IQ Ltd, a London-based software development company, and DeltaThreat, an Italian startup offering cutting-edge AI-based network detection and response solutions. A recognized thought leader in his field, Jim has received accolades including 'Top 100 Thought Leader in Risk Management', 'Top 100 Thought Leader in Cyber Security', and 'Top 50 Thought Leader in Security' all in 2023. He often contributes to the discourse in his field through speaking engagements and writings. Aside from his professional endeavors, Jim also leverages his expertise to help companies navigate and solve complex cyber security issues.
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