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Elena Svergunenko

Elena Svergunenko is a dedicated UX researcher and team leader, committed to harnessing the power of design thinking to achieve meaningful results. She guides her approach with the compass of design thinking principles, shaping impactful experiences for users. Elena's work is driven by a profound understanding of the significance of empathy and user-centricity. She has honed her skills in user research, adeptly gathering insights and translating them into actionable recommendations. As a team leader, Elena nurtures a collaborative and innovative environment, championing design thinking as more than a methodology, but as a mindset. She encourages her team to think creatively, challenge assumptions, and consider a diversity of perspectives to create solutions that are inclusive and accessible. Elena stands firm in her belief that design thinking can revolutionize industries and improve lives. Her passion lies in applying these principles to instigate positive change, making a significant impact on both businesses and the people they serve.
UX Research Leader at Alfa Research Center
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